If we sell it, we install or apply it. And we service it.

Dunrite Service

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Dunrite has always had a great reputation within the mining, milling, aggregate and steel industries for getting clients operational. Dunrite employees have extensive training and hands on experience learned in the field required to choose the right product, application technique or installation procedure to get the job done. Every Dunrite technician is trained to perform all styles of conveyor belt vulcanizing.

Services include:

  • hot vulcanizing
  • cold vulcanizing
  • mechanical fastening
  • rubber lining
  • belt installation
  • idler installation
  • scraper maintenance
  • conveyor inspections

Design Capabilities

Our staff can assist our customers in the design of rubber, ceramic or plastic wear liners for specific applications such as chutes, hoppers and bins.

Shop Capabilities

Each of our three locations have shop facilities. We carry inventory on all our major products at each location, facilitating quick deliveries. All shops are fully equipped for cold rubber and ceramic lining, conveyor belt preparation and repair work.

Field Service

Each of our locations have complete field capabilities. All crews and equipment are completely mobile. Whether it’s a conveyor belt install, a lining application or a product install, we are available 24/7, 365 days a year!

Conveyor Maintenance Inspection Contracts

We offer complete conveyor inspection programs for our clients. Each program is tailor-made to fit their needs. Inspections are scheduled on a regular basis. Longer belts are branded every 100 feet for mapping purposes. We will inspect the overall condition of the system. This includes belt tracking, edge wear, condition of top and bottom covers and spillage problems. Detailed information on necessary belt repairs, replacements or alterations are then logged and submitted promptly to the client by written report. These programs can be expanded to include idlers, scrapers, pulleys and skirting arrangements.