Offering a large variety of rubber products to meet the needs and preferences of our clients

Dunrite Rubber

Dunrite has a large variety of rubber products available to meet the needs and preferences of our clients. We offer WearRite; our own brand of wear and abrasion-resistant rubber. We carry a variety of sheet rubber, SBR, natural, neoprene, and pulley lagging.


Featured Product

WearRite Rubber

WearRite Rubber has a high resistance to cutting and tearing, and a high resilience and low modulus of elasticity. It offers resistance to a wide range of chemicals while maintaining a low hardness of 40 on the shore A scale. This makes our rubber ideal for applications with fine slurry and abrasion.

WearRite rubber comes with a backing (bonding layer). This saves time and money when cold vulcanizing rubber. It is a perfect alternative to other rubbers with similar specifications at a much lower cost!

WearRite Bandages are an ideal fix to leaks in pipes which cannot be repaired immediately. They will stop the leak temporarily until the next scheduled maintenance shutdown. This application is especially useful in mine mills, pulp and paper, chemical and food plants.


  • WearRite 1/16” rubber sheeting are cut into 3” x 30' strips
  • The WearRite strips are stretched and elongated and wrapped overlapping each other at the location of the leak.The bandages bond to itself and stop the leaks.
  • Can seal leaks in pipes ranging from 2”- 15”in diameter.
  • No adhesive required.
  • Minimal surface preparation. Can go over dust or dirt and will bond to the pipe surface.
  • Elongation at break 650 min %.
  • Tear strength 245 Ft lb. per inch.
  • Temperature range from -29 C to + 82 C.