Rite Idler

Rite Idler is a manufacturer of idler components designed for the bulk material handling and shipping industries.


Rite Idler is a manufacturer of idler components designed for the bulk material handling and shipping industries. This includes mining, steel and lumber industries, as well as self-unloading ships. Their products have a premium design which allows for optimal performance.

Specialty Shaft Ends

The specialty shaft ends are what make Rite Idler unique compared to any other idler manufacturer. The rolls can be customized to fit any conveyor system. The plugs have threaded ends which allows Rite Idler to fabricate their shaft ends to fit any frame design regardless of dimensions or slot sizes! With just a few measurements of your current roll or frame we can supply you with a replacement roll that has a virtually perfect fit!

This means you can get all of your replacement parts from us and not have to worry about replacing any unnecessary parts. This saves you time and money while utilizing a premium product!


Deep Bearing Housing

Our deep bearing housing allows us to fit our extensive sealing system, which includes a total of 7 seals to prevent interior contamination.

Custom Fit

Our shafts are machined for an interference-fit within the interior of the bearing. The end cap is machined for an interference-fit with the outside diameter of the bearing, preventing bearing distortion.

Variety of Materials

Our rolls are able to be ordered with rubber, urethane, HDPE or ceramic outer layers. We coat, vulcanize, or press your required material onto our steel rolls.


Our composite shafts (plugs) are internally threaded to accept our unique specialty shaft ends. Our shaft ends allow us to be able to customize to fit any competitors frame, regardless of manufacturer!

Wide End Brackets

Our shafts are hollow above 13’’ roll length. Composite shafts are stronger than solid shafts- this results in less shaft deflection as well as reduced weight.

Rubber Rolls

At Rite Idler there are a variety of different Rubber Rolls to choose from depending on what is needed for your conveyor system. Rubber can be used for abrasion resistance, belt cleaning or to lesson the stress on an idler. Non-castellated rubber rolls are used for wear resistance. Pure Gum Rolls are a soft rubber roll used on the return side of the conveyor to clean the belt. Our Castellated Rolls are used for abrasion resistance as well as the prevention of material build up on rolls used on the return side of a conveyor. Rubber Impact Rolls are used in impact areas in order to lessen the stress on the conveyor belt in the impact area as material is being dropped onto the belt. No matter what your rubber roll needs are, we can help you make the Rite choice!


HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) covered rolls are used for abrasion & corrosion resistance.We utilize our standard steel roll with a 1/2” HDPE sleeve pressed onto it.


Urethane Rolls are also an excellent choice for abrasion resistance. We use our standard steel rolls with a 1/2” urethane sleeve pressed onto it.


Ceramic Rolls are used in very abrasive situations. Our Rite Idler ceramic rolls are made by taking our regular rolls and coating them with an epoxy which has ceramic embedded within it.


Galvanized Frames

Frames can experience corrosion due to the materials traveling on the conveyor belt, and even from the environment that the conveyor is in. Marine and salt water environments are a prime example of this. For this reason we offer the option of having any of our frames galvanized. At Rite Idler we accomplish this using hot dipped galvanizing. For more severe applications, alternate coatings are available.

Retractable Idlers

The Retractable Idler allows for the center roll and both wing rolls to be easily and quickly changed. One side slides out to give you access to one wing roll. The other side slides out to give you access to both the center and wing roll. This allows the rolls to get clear of the belt, making it easy to change ALL rolls.

Removable End Bracket (Split End Brackets)

Removable End Brackets are a more economical solution to easily remove both of the wing rolls. Undo the bolts on the end bracket and the top half of the bracket will lift out of the way. This will allow for the easy removal of the wing roll. It is a much more economical solution than the retractable design for removing wing rolls, however it does not allow for the removal of the center roll.

Inverted "V" Tracking System

The Inverted “V” Tracking System is a convenient and easy solution to your return tracking needs! The Inverted “V” Returns are used in conjunction with regular return rolls on either side of it to make up the tracking system. The regular return rolls on either side are one CEMA rating higher than the belt. The inverted V’s put pressure down directly on the belt and then the next regular return roll ahead of it will track the belt straight with NO moving parts! The only parts that move on this tracking system are the rolls spinning. All you do is set them up one time and let them run!


3 Roll Return

This design utilizes three shorter rolls as opposed to just one longer roll. This increases the number of bearings from two to six, doubling the carrying capacity of the idler, and decreasing the number of return idlers required on your system by half!The replacement rolls are the same as on the trough side of the belt (less stocking!) and less manpower used due to the reduced weight of each roll!

Track your belt on the return side as a conventional return idler The Troughing on the return forces that cause your belt to track off now have to battle gravity to try to push the belt up the incline of the return wing rolls. The wing rolls tilt forward 2° in the direction of travel.

Guide Rolls

All of Rite Idler's guide rolls are custom-designed for specific applications and are machined out of solid steel billets. More steel means a longer life for our rolls. Our CNC capabilities allow our guide rolls to be custom-designed as required for different guiding requirements.

CEMA F+ Extreme Duty Impact Idlers

Extreme duty impact idlers are the perfect solution for tackling your toughest requirements. The 16” rubber tire impact idlers which can withstand the toughest impact conditions and are custom designed specifically for your application.

The end components of these idler rolls are precision machined in the CNC department. To achieve the durability required to stand up against the toughest loads, our 65 series incorporates 63132RS bearings.

With these products far surpassing CEMA F standards you can be assured that we are the Rite choice for all your extreme duty needs!.