Dunrite Magnet Belts

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Dunrite Magnet Belts

Dunrite Magnet Belts go the extra mile by protecting the clips from impact and abrasion which usually results in premature failture.Magnet belts automatically remove large amounts of ferrous from non ferrous material conveyed to prevent from damaging expensive equipment or intering in the production process. Most magnet belts are light weight, many are 1/4" thick 2 ply rubber and easily damaged and offer a shorter life.

Dunrite Magnet belts are made from 1/2" conveyor belting incorporating a strip of Linard dual durometer rubber. The Linard is kept in place by using stainless steel angle cleats, stainless steel fasteners and washers.

The Dunrite Magnet Belt also has hidden lacing- the fasteners and pin are covered with rubber. The lacing can never be damamged resulting in a longer life!It is the small things that we do right, such as using stainless steel and hidden lacing that result in longer life, more up time and less down time!